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Part 43: The Almost-First Time

So, M came to hang out today now that he no longer has any classes.  He graduates next week woohoo.  So, anyway, he got here and I closed the door.  When I turned around and walked toward him, he said "I missed you," put his arms around my waist, and kissed me rather intensely.  My arms automatically went around his neck and I was a little unbalanced so I leaned on him a bit more.  The kissing lasted for a good minute or so and then he followed me into my room.

I sat on my bed and he leaned on my shoulder as we chatted.  The small talk continued for awhile and we laid down.  We exchanged some sweet little kisses as we talked, and then he surprised me by taking initiative and lying on top of me.  His legs were on either side of me, so I couldn't thrust up against him, but I could feel his small hip movements pressing against me.  We kissed, and then he went for my neck.  He ended up giving me a noticeable hickey that became a joke for the remainder of our make-out/feel-up session because he would just stare at it, tell me it wasn't bad, and then I would be vocal about how I didn't believe him and it made me worried.

Eventually it was my turn on top and I said, "Revenge."  I ended up giving him three small hickeys, one on each side of his neck and one on his clavicle.

After a period of rest in which I was sitting on top of him, he very deliberately unbuttoned my shirt.  We just stared at each other for a second and then started laughing.  "I know, I'm very subtle," he said while laughing.  Then, I think I surprised him by taking off my shirt so that I was just in my tank top.  We started kissing again and I mumbled, "Not fair."  "What?"  "I took off something, so you should too."  "What should I take off?" he said.  I reached for his sweater and we ended up taking both his sweater and t-shirt off.  I started kissing him again and then he went for my bra.  I laughed as he tried to take it off.  "Got it!"  He only got one hook.  "Wait, why isn't it coming off?  Wait, there's another one?!"  "Yeah, there are two hooks."  "What kind of bra has two?!"  "All of them!"  He successfully unhooked it after a moment and we got back to making out for a bit.  After a minute, I stopped, looked down, and said, "This makes it look like my boobs are all the way up here."  M had pushed my bra up to get at my breasts and we laughed.  I ended up taking it off and M played/sucked on/massaged my boobs as we continued to make out.

M sat up and I thought he was just going to do that, but instead he started to stand up.  I was impressed that he could carry me and stand up at the same time, but I was surprised.  I had no idea what he was trying to accomplish.  Did he want to sit me down on my dresser?  Nope, not that.  Did he just want to stand up?  Nope, not that either.

Me:  What are you doing?!
M:  What are you doing?
What exactly are you trying to do?
I'm trying to change our positions.
It would've just been easier to flip me over

He ended up on top of me, in any case, and we got back to what we'd been doing, his periodic thrusting and our continued making-out.  After, he complained about his jeans being constricting.

M:  Can I take of my pants?
Me:  Sure.
M:  Really?  Yay.
Me:  It's not like I'm going to stop you.

He took off his pants and climbed on top of me.  After a period of making out, he lifted me up a second time:

M:  Grab on to me.
Me:  What?  Why?
M:  Just grab on to me.

He lifted me up and again switched our positions.

After some more time had passed, we rested.  I was on his left and he said, "I want to be big spoon."  And so he climbed over me and wrapped his legs around mine and cupped both of my boobs from behind.  "Are you using a wrestling move on me?" I asked.  "Yup."

After, he became the little spoon and I pressed up against his back.  My left arm was reaching around his front to touch his nipple and my right hand was around his hip area.  As he talked, I started kissing his shoulder, the nape of his neck, and between and around his shoulder blades.  He started moaning a bit.

M: Me, you're making George want to put a baby inside you.  (During a period of rest, I had thought of the name 'George' for M's penis, but then decided to stick with 'hipbone' for now.  M seemingly continued to use it despite my constantly saying, 'No, stop it, not George.  I can't take it seriously then.  We'll stick with hipbone for now.')
Me:  Oh really?

I continued kissing his shoulder blades/back/shoulders and I heard his breath hitch, then he started to breathe a bit more heavily.

M:  You're really making George want to put a baby inside you.
Me:  Hmm?

I moved my right hand from his side to his dick and started stroking it through his boxer briefs.  I felt him slightly thrust against my hand.  As I continued to do that and kiss his back, he suddenly flipped around and was on top of me.  For a while after that, he was kissing me and thrusting against me furiously.  It was pretty intense.  Honestly, I thought about actually having sex at that point; I mean, come on, the only things keeping him from entering me were his boxer briefs and my panties.  For a few moments, his lips were pressed hard against mine, not really moving while his hips were intensely pistoning.  When he buried his head into the side of my neck, I kissed his shoulders/neck.

After a good time of that, I muttered through our lips, "You're sweating."  Indeed he was.

M:  Yeah, I am.  And you're hot.
Me: I am?
M:  Yeah, you're really hot.  Or it's just me.
I'm pretty sure it's just you.  *fanning him with my hands*

After a moment he sat up and went to grab a tissue.  "Also, I came a little."  I stared at his back, pleased, as he cleaned himself, and ran my fingers down his back.

There was also a moment when we were resting that he we talked about his scars and I showed him my fractured toe, and we joked about how weird my feet were.

When we both started to get dressed, it seemed he was done.  I was putting on my pants when I felt him behind me.  I started to turn around but his arms wrapped around my waist and before I could stop it, he'd lifted me up and he lied down on the bed.

Me:  What are you doing?
M:  I do this to Ari all the time.
And do I want to be treated like Ari?
You do.
Let me go.  I'm too heavy.  I can hear it in your breathing.
Let goooo.

M wanted me to show him how to get his car washed for the first time, and so I actually ended up driving his car to the car wash.  Along the way, he said, "You know, this means I really trust you.  I don't let just anyone drive my car.  I don't even let Jeff drive my car."  "How about Con?"  "No, he doesn't have his license."  "Oh, wow."

After we got his car washed, I drove to Freshside and we had linner w/Con, Dan, and Jack, after which M drove me back home before Father got home at 5pm.  In the driveway, we were kissing for at least four minutes; I didn't really want to let him go.  He kept pouting and reached his hand out to me as I got out of the car.  We laced fingers and stayed like that for a minute or two before I pulled my hand away.  Once I had unlocked the house door, I saw him pouting at me again so I blew him a kiss.  He started to blow one back, then made a motion like he caught my kiss and put it in his pocket.  It was hilarious and corny and makes me feel like corn. *shiver*

When I was inside, M called me.  I mentioned, "By the way, I forgot to tell you, I gave you like three hickeys."
M:  What?!  Where?  I only see two.
Me:  There should be one on either side of your neck and one on your clavicle.
M:  Oh, there it is.
Me:  I hope no one noticed.

M called me at around 9pm but I didn't pick up b/c ChuChu was in my room hanging out.  I called him back at maybe 11:30pm and M informed me that they had noticed.

M:  So, Jack did notice the hickey.
Me:  She did?!  Wait, did you bring it up or ask them, or did they?
M:  Con brought it up.  He was like, 'Is that a hickey?'  I was like, 'I don't know, maybe, something.  What.'  And he was like, "I didn't notice until Jack mentioned it to me.'
Me:  Uhhhhh
M:  I have very observant friends, Me.
Me:  Maybe I should've put makeup on you too.
M:  Haha, it's okay.

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